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Lêleh Land is a Portuguese publisher that passionately creates story books and interactive stories for children. We create innovative and interactive apps, using the latest technology to enhance the moment of reading. More than reading, we want our storybooks to be a magical experience. All our apps are designed to work on Android tablets and Kindle. Everyone knows how important magic is. Our childhood memories are magical. Cuddling with a parent whilst being read a story is magical. Exploring a story with a sibling is magical. Inventing new stories is magical. That's why our wish is to share magical moments with you. We invite parents, grandparents, educators and grown ups to help us create special and lasting memories for every child.


Our stories are available in two formats: print (traditional book) and digital (interactive app). Our apps complement the reading experience of the printed version- more content, more interactivity and are bilingual. Both versions are available in English and Portuguese. Our apps are currently being developed- they will become available in 2019.


Our inspiration comes from Lêleh Land, a far away island that is very hard to find on the map. It has been said that the Lêlehs live in Lêleh Land. They are small animals that feed on stories. In Lêleh Land, there are thousands of trees with many different types of stories.

About the Lêlehs

Lêlehs measure between 15 and 20 centimeters and weigh roughly 2kgs.

Lêlehs eat around 2000 words per day.

Lêlehs' tails help them move about on the trees.

Lêlehs hibernate for 2 months. The month before hibernation begins, they eat at least 5000 words per day.

Lêlehs spend 6 hours eating and 12 hours sleeping.

Lêlehs do not have good hearing nor smell. The rely on their exquisite eyesight. They also use their eyesight to communicate with one another.

Lêlehs are very sociable and cooperative. They live in packs of five. When there aren't enough stories, they share amongst themselves.

Questions to a Lêleh

1. If you could be another animal, which would it be?

I would be a bird so I could travel and visit other places.

2. What do you like to do the most?

Eat! I can eat 5 whole stories per day!

3. Which kind of stories do you enjoy eating?

Hmmm... That's a tricky question. For breakfast I usually have a light and refreshing story. At night I like devouring a big story, with lots of characters and plots. I love spending hours eating!

4. Do you like playing with the other Lêlehs?

Of course! We play a lot. And we like to have picnics. Together we gather the stories and then we sit under a tree and we eat and talk until we fall asleep. We also like to sleep a lot!

Where to Buy our Books

Our books can be found in the following amazing independent bookshops:
In BAOBÁ livraria we have the finest, most original and diverse selection of picture books in Lisbon.

Visit their website



Really, really soon our books will be available in this quaint children's bookstore in magical Sintra!

Visit their website

Hipopómatos Na lua

Hipopómatos Na lua



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